Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fish & Chips

I've never posted this before because this is such a basic every day recipe to me.  I try to eat fish at least four times a week, although I typically will bake it.

Cod, or any other white fish
Mixed vegetables
Black Pepper
Canola oil, 1tbs per piece of fish
Rice flour, 1 tbs per piece of fish
Cooking spray


Wash and dry fish.
Coat fish in rice flour, sprinkling both sides with paprika & black pepper.

Spray the pain, heat and add half the oil.  Add the fish.  I use a cast iron pan and it takes approximately 6 minutes per side.   When you flip the fish, add the rest of the canola oil.  

Bake potato.  When it is cooked, slice and place in another pan sprayed with Pam. 

Prepare mixed vegetables according to the package.