Saturday, October 2, 2010

A New Start

Recently, I was diagnosed with several food sensitivities; gluten, dairy, soy, chocolate, peanuts, msg, food dyes, beef, citrus fruits and bean sprouts.  I also have a significant amount of inflammation and yeast in my body so I have to avoid sugar, tea and coffee as well.

As I was being told this and looking at the test result print out, all I could think is WTF am I going to eat?  No oatmeal?  No milk?  No couscous?  No tangerines?  No coffee?  Those five things I ate almost every single day.  This blog is about figuring it all out. 

I have to do a lot of reading and studying to know what is safe for my body.  A lot of time spent in the grocery store reading labels.  A lot of time in the kitchen preparing food ahead of time and making food in bulk.

As there aren't very many (none that I could find) cookbooks that handle the above combination of foods to avoid, I have to make my own.

I'm going to be posting recipes and all other food related things here.

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